Seasoning Packet Storage

My haul from today's shopping trip at Dollar Tree.

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I love shopping at Dollar Tree. When I was laid off from my full time job in 2017 I quickly learned how great their selection was. I can get cleaning, household, and beauty supplies all from my local Dollar Tree. And the best thing is that everything is a $1. Here are the 30 items I got today for only $30.

The tip that I want to share with you today is how to store seasoning packets. I found these 3×5 Index Card holders at the Dollar Tree today and I thought they would be the perfect size to place seasoning and gravy packets in.

Using index card holders from Dollar Tree to store seasoning packets.

My packets are currently stored in a plastic basket in a cupboard but they were still a pain to access and I couldn’t stack anything on top of the basket.

So here was the outcome…

…these stack so much nicer in the cupboard now. One is filled with various gravy packets and the other is filled with a variety of other packets (soup mix, salad dressing, etc.)

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